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Interpretation Services

Language Academy 21C provides simultatneous/consecutive interpreation services by trained language specialists.

Interpretation is essential for facilitating communication from one language to another. We have highly qualified interpreters ready for interpretive work of almost all language combination, around the world, around the clock.

English Language Interpretation
Spanish Language Interpretation
Chinese Language Interpretation
Arabic Language Interpretation
French Language Interpretation
German Language Interpretation
Russian Language Interpretation
Japanese Language Interpretation
Korean Language Interpretation
Italian Language Interpretation

Types of Interpretation

  • Conference Interpretation
    - Interpreting for multi-lingual meetings or conferences
  • Legal and Court Interpretation
    - Interpreting in courts of justice, administrative tribunals, and wherever a legal preceeding is held
  • Escort Interpretation
    - Interpreting while accompanying a person or a group for a tour, visit, or meeting
  • Telephone Interpretation
    - Interpreting via telephone

Interpretation Project Types

These are the interpretation project types we provide.

Business Transactions
Individual Communication
Phone Conferences
Simultaneous Interpretation
Tour Guide

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